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Why choose Goddess Maggie in Delaware ?

Updated: May 15

So you may ask yourself, why should I choose Maggie? Let me first explain that when you're in the decision process of who to go to for any form of bodywork, but even more specifically when choosing Tantric bodywork, it really is imperative you as a potential client follow the protocol each provider requires. I am no different. Coercion on your part to give what you deem necessary for screening purposes is disrespectful and our first sign that you're not able to honor the guidelines and protocols that are set in place for safety. Disappointing to say, that that has been true in some cases over the years. Proving one's identity has become standard policy for all Tantra Practitioners and others that work in the realm of sexuality/sensuality. Even more so since 2020.

I have been in the Tantra field since late 2007 and in the health and wellness field for over 35 years. I know a thing (or two 😀) about the mind and body! I appreciate it when my clients, or new potential clients, appreciate me. Showing your appreciation can be seen in many forms. As a newbie, your appreciation comes across when you carefully and thoroughly read my website and follow what is needed in my screening process that's laid out on my FAQs page. It is important. It's best to supply what is needed in one email to avoid playing email tag.

Why choose Goddess Maggie in Delaware

When you reach out to schedule my first email to you will direct you to screening process. It is on FAQs page. It is important to read very carefully.

Other forms of appreciation are tipping, small gifts such as flowers, candles, Gift Certificates, mixed nuts, high quality chocolates, etc. Also kind acts such as doing your best to show up on time to your appointments, calling when you know you're running behind or early, paying your deposits for sessions and paying in full of what's due when you cancel last minute or don't give the recommended time limit when cancelling or rescheduling. None of us wants to be ghosted. Don't do it here. Anyone who coerces, refuses to pay fees when canceling or no showing, or show outright disrespect, end up being reported, blocked, and Blacklisted. Ugh!! I don't like doing that. Nonetheless I will to help avoid other practitioners from being taken advantage of; financially or otherwise.

Another form of showing appreciation is letting me know how it is I've helped you. What is it that you experienced in any of your sessions with me that got you thinking 🧐 more about your life? Your own sensuality and sexuality? Your relationship to self and others? Tantra really is deeper than we can fathom. Receiving loving, caring touch definitely helps us feel cared for and valued.

When you enter my space, remember that this is my place of business. I run it. I have rules and guidelines in place that serve to protect me. They are also there for you. Because if they weren't there, chaos would ensue. All businesses have rules and guidelines in place to help avoid chaos.

You wouldn't think to run the auto mechanic shop you take your vehicles too, now would you?

I will put as much effort into your life when you put the effort into your own as well. Help me help you. What does that look like? I need to know the reason why you seek Tantra (or any one of my other offerings). If you don't inform me, how am I supposed to know? It's why that question is there on my reservation form. The more I know about you and what you're going through, what you need, what you're looking for, then I have a starting place on how to navigate your sessions.

My Meyers Briggs Personality is INFJ-T. You'll see more of who I am and how I operate my own life if you so choose to read up on that personality trait. It's amazing just how accurate they can be. Nothing is 💯 % perfect. Not even a personality trait, but damn, it's real close.

I will end with this. I respect and admire Rachel Richards, the milking table expert. Ive read many of her blogs. She's frank as I also can be. Perhaps if you've read this far, you should read some of her blogs.

Love and Light,

Goddess Maggie 🌹🌷🪻

LOL Can't help including this image!!

It hurts too much to bite my tongue
Although it gets me in trouble I usually always speak my mind

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