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We suggest you bookmark this website and come back often to check for edits, as well as coming back to read our blogs. We welcome and trust you have found yourself ready to partake on new awakenings into your mind, body, and soul! Whether you choose to stay with Goddess Maggie's Tantra bodywork or consider entering into one of her immersions, we know you will have chosen what's right for you.


Let's start with why she chose to offer this service.


Since Oct 2007 at the beginning of Maggie entering this field, she has come across both women and men who have suffered trauma in their life. Some from horrific physical abuses to sexual abuse to the breakdown of a relationship or marriage. Within physical and sexual abuse lie emotional, mental, and psychological abuse. Most people choose conventional therapies, (which do by the way serve a purpose) but in Maggie's eyes, this part is a small part and most often is a very long one!! When choosing an immersion we dive deep into your past traumas to assist you in healing at a much faster pace. Under the guidance of Goddess Maggie, she will be by your side teaching and supporting you without enabling you. She may be frank and blunt in her teaching and guidance because she wants you to heal faster! This work is supposed to push your buttons, cause you mental discomfort in order to get you past your comfort zones. 


Growth does not happen until we have chosen to make ourselves get out of our comfort zone.  


All immersions below include some form of Tantric bodywork. They all include room and board. Your room is separate from Goddess Maggie's. Under no circumstances will you be sleeping in the same room. 


Goddess Maggie has been under the instruction of an Indigenous Native American Indian Shaman since 2009. She utilizes some of his teachings of sacred ceremony and Universal Natural Spiritual Laws. It is important that you be a willing and open minded participant regardless of your current religious beliefs. You do not have to be spiritual to partake in one of these immersions. Just as long you are open-minded and want to become unstuck with where you are now. That being said, this is also a place to ask questions regarding birth, life, death, and the after life. 



A 25% non-refundable deposit is required after you have been screened. Remainder is due before start of immersion. 


couple holding hands drinking coffee at a table

1 Full Day 


Afraid to sign up for a 2 or 3 day immersion but need something to start your healing process? Then this is the fit for you. 


Investment $5,000 



 2 hrs of bodywork

3 Meditations 

Teaching and hands on Cleansing techniques 

3 Meals - Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast



Run time 24 hrs

9 am through 9 am following day. Begin/end time is flexible. 

sunset over water

2 Full Days 


Not ready for three days but one isn’t enough? Then our two day immersion is right for you!


Investment $9,000



2 hrs of bodywork day one 

3 hrs of bodywork day two

6 Meditations 

Teaching and hands on Spiritual Cleansing Techniques 

6 Meals 

Run Time 48 hrs

9 am through 9 am on second day. Begin/end time is flexible.


man and woman walking close together on beach

3 Full Days


Ready to plunge deep into the deepest depths of your Being? Well then let's go for three full days. 


Investment $12,500



2 hrs of bodywork day one

3 hrs of bodywork day two 

1.5 hrs of bodywork day three. 

1 Cleansing bath ritual

6-8 Meditations

Teaching and hands on Spiritual Cleansing Techniques

9 Meals 


Run Time 72 hrs

9 am through 9 am on third day. Begin/end time is flexible.

sunset over beach
Text reads 'Bondassage Certified Practitioner'


Gold Service  

 Deposit required 



2 hrs 700

2.5 hrs 1000: includes Shower Worship


Bondassage® intertwines light bondage with a sensual massage along with light, medium and heavy impact play, sensation play. intensification, and other elements of a BDSM/kink beginner and seasoned practitioner alike. Coupled with my sensual healing secrets, it will make your body quiver while arousing and circulating, rejuvenating, sensual energy deep inside of you. 

Perfectly relaxed with Bondassage and my Sensual magic, you melt with eager anticipation of what's to come next. A variety of tools under my command are employed.

Restraints are used on ankles and wrists, blindfolded and ears covered. 


Text reads 'Elysium Certified Practitioner'



Premium Service 

 Deposit required



2 hrs 800

2.5 hrs 1100: includes Shower Worship


Similar to Bondassage®, Elysium® is the softer, slower version of Bondassage® with lighter impact play.  Restraints are used on ankles and wrists, blindfolded and ears covered. 


Several different types of tools are used such as feathers, bunny flogger, soft and scratchy gloves. Can't give away too many of my secrets!! 😁This work is soft, sensual, erotic play that incorporates some body to body contact. You will be beaming in the afterglow, savoring the adventure we shared together. 


57 Ways to use a Toothbrush



Bondage tools: whip, flogger, cuffs, straps, feather


Bondassage or Elysium Excursion

Ultimate Package 

Requires 700 Deposit


Singles Only

hrs 2400


Includes 2hr Bondassage or Elysium, shower worship or bath ceremony (30 - 40 minutes), mutual massage (1 hr or more) and one meal. 

Any additional time after our meal, we can decide together. 🥰

Must have seen Maggie at least once. 

Not for new clients. 

Require 24 hrs notice. 

Both Bondassage® and Elysium® are works of the sensual arts that allows one to release full control, surrendering to his Goddess, Domme, Madam, Mistress etc. To YOU, Maggie is your Goddess. 



Once you've experienced Bondassage® or Elysium®, you'll never forget! Discover what you've been missing!

Schedule a session now to find out!  


What our customers are saying

I’m taking a little break from my afternoon of studying, and I was thinking of you and wanted to say THANK YOU! You truly have a rare gift. Honestly, I don’t know how you have the energy, but when you massage me, the rest of the universe disappears.

Better yet, it's as if you channel all of the good energy in the universe and conduct it through your hands and body and are able to restore me to 100%. Your sense of what I need is incredible, and out of this world.

So, thank you for being you!


Growth and healing starts when we decide to go within

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