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Updated: May 15

Goddess Maggie's Cancellation Policy
I treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given

I know this subject isn’t the most revered one to discuss, nonetheless, an important one. So..... Thought I would discuss in more detail, not what the cancellation policy is, as that is on this site on the reservations page. I believe it is a good idea to discuss more on the why there is a cancellation policy to help you have more understanding. First of all, cancellation policies are now standard in this industry unless you are dealing with either a newbie or someone who is lower class. Sorry, not sorry, but that is the truth. I know, because there was a day when I was a newbie and I didn’t require it. However, I did come to that place. It was during that time I found out real fast just how un-honorable people treat women in this industry. In my mind, it really is worth your time when you peruse many other practitioners' sites. You can get a real good feel of how the majority of us work when you pay attention to our cancel policy and concerning deposits.

Goddess Maggie's Cancellation Policy

A cancel policy has been around for awhile with many practitioners, but it has become even more important, (and imperative) to have one in place today. To the individuals knew to this industry, you may not like it. But this is meant to protect both sides, not just the practitioner.

This is still a business, an industry, that is meant to block out a section of time FOR YOU when you schedule an appointment with us. When you go to your Dr, or a dentist, or a clinical therapist, or even a personal trainer and 'regular' massage therapist, all of them require you to fill out a health intake form. On that form is written their cancellation policy. It is mind boggling that some people don’t read it thoroughly because when you sign that piece of paper, you are acknowledging that you will abide by said businesses policies. Even though you're not signing anything with us, the same holds true here. Just because we focus more on your sensuality doesn’t negate the fact time was reserved specifically for you. And in such, when you don't respect and honor it by making good on what you owe us when you cancel without providing us proper notice (written on her site and/or in her email signature), we do have the right to make a choice to not see you again. We can even choose block and blacklist you when you show such indignant behavior. Be a good boy! 😉 Be a gentleman. yourself a favor. Do be serious about scheduling. Do remember the cancellation policy when you see a practitioner. If you do not remember it, make sure to go back into one of the emails between you two and/or her website to make sure you are IN FULL AWARENESS of what your obligations are. That is the gentlemanly thing to do. It is the kind thing to do. It is the right thing to do. Practitioners are not responsible for having to remind you. That gets old real fast. When we have to consistently remind you, it drains our energy. When it drains our energy, do you really think we will enjoy spending time with you? When you make good on your debt, it creates a space of ease for us to relax in our mind and body. Which then creates an atmosphere where we can best serve you.

Schedule with us when you are confident in the day, time, and length of time you want to spend with us. If a practitioner has many offerings listed on her website, we/she also needs which service you want. These factors are the most important information we need. No one likes to cancel. However we do know life may get in the way sometimes. As soon as you know, let us know. It is always best to get a hold of us in all the ways possible. DO NOT RELY ON EMAIL. We all know that emails can sometime end up in spam or junk folder. The easiest and best way to get a hold of us (at least me) is by texting & calling.

As far as deposits, that is the way to prove and acknowledge you are serious in scheduling time with us. The deposit is what holds your spot. When deposit is made, the time you scheduled with her is considered confirmed. Deposits are not refundable. That's what a deposit is. Depending on what the practitioner's deposit rules are, depends on how much time you have to reschedule with her without being penalized. Some allow 2 weeks to reschedule. Some two months. Some six months. If you are the type that is loyal to one practitioner it will be easier for you to remember. But if you are what is considered a hobbyist (I don't particularly care for hobbyist because they seem to care less for their overall health), you will most likely get very confused with who's policy is what.

The overall takeaway here is that cancel policies and deposits is what determines your sincerity and the integrity you have when you schedule precious time with us.

Remember.........we will take you seriously when we see that you take us seriously!

Take Care and Play Safe!!

Goddess Maggie

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