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Goddess Maggie caters to an exclusive clientele aged thirty and over. The best way to guarantee we get started on the right foot is to read this site in it's entirety to familiarize yourself with our requirements and preferences to ensure we are a good match.  For your benefit, please read these terms carefully. 

By booking a Sacred Luxury Service you fully understand, agree and accept to abide by our terms as stated below. 

Have correct fee ready.  Be free from intoxicants. Do not eat a heavy meal or consume alcohol 12 hrs prior to your session.


Upon arrival, you will be offered water and invited to unwind for a few minutes so you can share more about yourself and ask questions. When scheduling a session, you are booking time. Your time starts once you enter my place and after you have used the restroom. NO SESSION will occur until you have showered at minimum 2 hrs prior or have thoroughly washed hands. 


Personal hygiene: Arrive 100% clean. ALL AREAS MUST BE THOROUGHLY CLEAN. This helps to transition from the outside world and ensures a pleasant experience in your session.

If you smoke, please refrain from smoking at least 2 hrs prior to your appointment.

Remain passive. NO TOUCHING ME during session. 

This is a professional service. It is encouraged you put your phone in DO NOT DISTURB or turn it off.  For privacy, disable location settings.

This is not a full-service temple. Maggie reserves the right to terminate your session without explanation or refund. No means no.


Asking same question(s) more than once after an answer has been stated is rude and disrespectful.

Once you become a client, always ask permission about sharing Goddess Maggie's website or number. Recommendations do not override your 'friends' from

being screened.


Any behaviour breaching these agreed Terms will result in an immediate and permanent ban from our services. The above Terms apply equally and unconditionally to ALL CLIENTS, no matter how long you have known her.


Respect Goddess Maggie's time by keeping your appointments.

If you need to cancel, make sure you are following her cancellation policy listed here on reservation page It is also stated in all emails. 


Calling Goddess Maggie when you are running early or behind your appointment is kind and respectful. If you run late, you are responsible for paying

full amount of the time you scheduled. 


 Always be respectful towards Goddess Maggie, her space and her time. The appreciation you show means a lot. Tipping is appreciated.

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