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 More Sacred Offerings 

Investments are non-negotiable

luxury upscale dinner setting

Public Meet & Greet Date

2 hrs $350

3 hrs $500 


Relax in un-rushed luxury. This could be lunch, dinner, movies, bowling, billiards. We can also take a walk and get lost in each other's company. 


The moment we meet is start time. 


The above service is available to those regardless of how long you've been Goddess Maggie's client. 


Do not request this service if you are not willing to compensate. 


Public meet and greet is simply that. There are no other services that is included in this. 

man's head with females hands covering man's eyes

Tease and Denial 

Pleasure is a state of being!

1 hr $350 

Do you like to be teased and denied to such a degree you feel like you're going to burst out of your body? Tease and denial is yet another state of being. 

We are Orgasmic Beings. Our natural state is one of bliss and pleasure. Every cell of our body is wired for it.

EVERYONE is capable of  having energetic orgasms! One merely needs to be open and want to be consistent in practicing of getting in touch with their own body. 

Maggie will take you to places you've never been with her Tease and Denial.

man and woman embracing hands and forhead

 Honor comes from Respect


On your initial contact with me through this site, do respect and honor screening process, before, during, after, and in between sessions. This means not just her time, but her space, and her as a business woman. It will help ease the process of you having an enjoyable and learning experience with her. 

FYI: I am not a consumer of alcohol. If at any time you are under the influence, Maggie has the right to cease your time with her, as her safety is paramount. Don't risk it.



 Clients pay for Goddess Maggie's time. 

two candles and flowers
sexy feet in heels and fishnet stockings

Singles Tantra

For men and women. 

Massage takes place on a massage table or a Thai mat. 

Questions sexual in nature will be disregarded and deleted as it is a form of entrapment.

If sexual conversation should happen in a phone conversation, call will be dropped. 

Please watch the videos on this site to help you better understand Tantra.

asian couple man and woman

Couples Tantra

Straight or Same sex Couples

Couples sessions take place on the floor on a Thai mat which is about the size of a queen bed and is 3" thick, covered with a sheet and pillows. 

Two hour minimum to book. 

Essential oils may be used if desired.

$200 Deposit required

  Deposits are non-refundable.  

white bathroom with two sinks, bathtub and glass shower

Shower Worship

 May add to any Tantra offering. 

When adding this service it happens before massage and part of session. For instance, if purchasing a 90 min session it will take place within that time frame. 

Lasts 20-30 min. 

Water is cleansing. It entices many sensations within the body while Maggie washes you. 

Once finished, you will lie face down on massage table or Thai matt.

What our customers are saying

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I’m taking a little break from my afternoon of studying, and I was thinking of you and wanted to say THANK YOU!  You truly have a rare gift. Honestly, I don’t know how you have the energy, but when you massage me, the rest of the universe disappears.

Better yet, it's as if you channel all of the good energy in the universe and conduct it through your hands and body and are able to restore me to 100%. Your sense of what I need is incredible, and out of this world.

So, thank you for being you!


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