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In order to meet with me, you must be verified first.

Be sure to read the details below carefully and thoroughly before sending to


It can be confusing and nerve-racking to see a provider for the first time. Everyone does things differently and has different requirements. The information below is given to help you better understand what I need for verification and why, along with some do's and don’ts when interacting via email and in person to help us be on the same page from start to finish – and being on the same page means we get to drop into our Sensual journey more quickly and with ease. 





Verification is a must for all new clients – no exceptions. We are about to embark on a journey that involves vulnerability on many levels. Please understand it is necessary and the faster we move through with the formalities, the sooner we can move on to enjoying time together. 


Options for Verification

If you are a member or have seen other providers 2 options below are required. 


Trustworthy provider references - provider must be reputable and independent. She must have a currently running add on a well-known advertisement site. When you send me her information please send me her name, a link to her current ad and her email address. No phone numbers. I will send her an email and ask if she has indeed seen you, how long ago it was, and if you were respectful to her at all times before, during and in between sessions. It is your responsibility to make it as easy as possible for me to be a big "yes" to you.


Employment information - I need to be able to see your name and picture posted together on your company website. If your name and picture are not on your company website, then a well-established LinkedIn profile may work. Well established means that you have made at least 100 connections. Your profile must have your picture posted to it. Without a picture I have no way of knowing if the person walking through my door is the same person I verified. 


First and last name, age, phone number, DL and/or passport. The only thing that may be blocked from you DL is the street name. ALL other info must be viewable. Either have your DL taken next to your face or send a separate image of you along with your DL.


Memberships - if you are a member of a membership site you must have at least 2 providers that have given you okays and you must provide me their information as stated above under trustworthy provider references. If you are a member, you must provide at least two forms of identification in addition to any providers you have seen.  


Couples - If you are a couple, both parties must be screened. We're here to enhance communication and intimacy and deepen the connection between partners. Open communication is essential to that goal. For this reason, we do not meet with a couple unless both parties agree.


While almost all would be clients are true gems in search of quality touch, there are some who are not and risking a visit from one of them is not something I am willing to do. My safety and the safety of my clients is paramount, which means I have to know that those I invite over don't have a history of bad behavior. It is important to check, so I really do need this information. This benefits you as well because it means that I'm not inviting unsavory characters. My in call is safe and discreet and I intend to keep it that way by only inviting high quality, well intentioned clients. 




The only sessions offered are what is written on this website. There is nothing else available or implied. 




Safety is my highest priority. I've done my best to provide complete information about my services and investments so that you can be fully informed about what you can expect to experience with me. Reading this site in its entirety and gleaming over the blog page will greatly benefit you in learning about me, what is offered, and a bit of my personality that will help you in discerning should you wish to move forward scheduling time with me. 


Arrival and entering my incall


If you find that you will be arriving early do call me so that I can determine if I am able to accept you earlier or to keep you at your regularly scheduled time. Do let common sense prevail and refrain from waiting outside my location or anywhere else you may be noticed and perceived as loitering. That is a sure fire way to cause concern and that is something easily avoided. Please remember that discretion is key. While outside, silence is golden. Please do not come to my door without having first communicated with me that you have arrived. Do not loiter in my driveway or around my property. 




Once inside and within a few minutes of arrival, place your offering on oak dresser. By scheduling a session with me, it is implicitly understood that you have read my session descriptions and their associated investment expectations and have agreed to them. Do come prepared. It will start our time off on the right foot. Guaranteed. 




Cleanliness is next to godliness and sexiness! If I see (or smell) that it is necessary for you to take a shower before our session, I will be informing you to shower. Do make sure you thoroughly wash every single tiny inch of your body. Sometimes clients are getting in the shower and just rinsing off or forget to wash some of the most important parts of one's body before being pampered. That does not work or get rid of your stench. If I find that your hygiene level is unacceptable during our session, I will lovingly interrupt our session and firmly insist you jump back in the shower to clean up. I have done that before and it is awkward. If I find that I need to interrupt our session that will take time away from your session.  And I don’t think you want that, now do you? :) 



 Bondassage and Elysium 

Creating a safe “container”


Once we get started, you may find that you want something different from what we discussed beforehand. We don’t go beyond our agreed experience once it begins, but if you decide that you want to experience something outside of our agreement we can set up another appointment to create that experience for you. Because of this, there is a question/answer in every Bondassage and Elysium session. 



Want to send me a E-Gift card? Go here!! I accept gifts in the amount from 100-3000 as is allowed with AMEX. Proof of purchase must be provided. Send GC to


Maggie is privy and will choose her companions wisely as she screens them.


Always show kindness and respect. 

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