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Cancelation Policy

Investments are contributions for Goddess Maggie's time. Gratuity and gifts are appreciated. 


Our cancel policy is taken very seriously. 


We understand things come up and at times cancellations need to be made. If you cancel within 12 hours of your scheduled appointment, regardless of the reason, FULL payment is expected to be paid before scheduling additional sessions. Failure to pay will result in being blacklisted and blocked and you will not be seen again. 


No-shows are a sign of disrespect. Blocking and blacklisting will follow.



By booking you agree to the above cancelation policy. Arguing or failure to send fee will result in permanent termination of all communication  and you will be added to a national blacklist. 


Always show respect and manners when calling and texting. 


Reservation Form

First and Last Name*

Email Address*



Time Selector*

Date Selector*

Checkbox List*

Serious inquiries only. Check your spam and junk folders in case our email ends up there. My screening process is important. I can not provide an amazing experience if I feel uncomfortable. Screening information is on faqs page


P411 members are not exempt from our screening. 


Without complete verification there will be no meeting. For couples, both parties must be screened. 


Filling out this form means you have read this site thoroughly, acknowledge etiquette, investments and that you will be screened prior to scheduling. 

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