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So.....who is this Goddess Maggie?

Updated: May 15

Female warrior
Female warrior

Maggie is one that can not be labeled or put in a box. When you see Maggie for the services she offers, do know that she can offer to you knowledge about relationships, spirituality, sensuality, birth, life, and death. This is why she offers her excursion and immersions. It's not just for physical comfort. It is also a place that provides you a safe space to converse with her about what's going on so she can advise you on what to do, not do, what not to say, what to say, etc. It is a service intended to help you better yourself as a man or woman, but more so as a human being. Maggie cares more for people's souls than anything else in this world. Remember, facts trump feelings.

She has been awake and on a Spiritual path since the age of two when she had a very profound spiritual experience. Her ability to tap into your physical body when she touches you can be enlightening. But this is because she has a sincere and genuine concern for you, not just as a man or woman, but as a HUMAN BEING. She's always been able to bring depth to the relationships she's had in this life long before she started doing the services she offers here on this site.

Over the course of her doing this work since 2008, individuals have opened up to her about personal relationship matters where she was able to help them understand their partner better within twenty minutes of talking verses the six or eight months of clinical psychotherapy. That being said, when she offers you guidance and advice, you might want to actually take her seriously. She has a lot of knowledge regarding the psyche of men and women.

No one relationship will ever be perfect. Just like anything in life we want to be successful in, we must not just care, we must actually communicate and do something positive about the situation in order for it to work, to grow, to change. STOP putting ALL of your energy into your work and then not applying that energy into your relationships in life, especially if you are married! Shame on any man that out right goes out of his way to cheat on his wife. If you had actually communicated with her perhaps you would not be where you are right now. There is a big difference between talking and communicating. If more couples actually cared to communicate we simply would not be seeing the amount of divorces happening in this world. BOTH people are at fault when there is a divorce.

If you are a man or a woman reading this and you are thinking you had no part in the demise of your marriage, then simply put, it is a sign you have chosen to not give any reflection into yourself to see what it is you have done or not done that led to divorce. People make choices all day long in their life. People choose to bottle their thoughts up. We all know when we keep things bottled up there will be a day of explosion. SO DON'T BOTTLE UP!! It's simple. Release doesn't just happen through sexual release during intercourse or masturbation. Actually at times when a man (or woman to btw) acts in this way, it can backfire. It backfires because that person is focusing on the energy of the root and sacral chakra and not the heart and throat chakra. The act of speaking is the throat chakra (uh duh). The heart ♥️is what we use when we speak out of a caring center with sincere genuineness.

So there you go! That's a little bit of me 😁


Goddess Maggie

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