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Have you heard of Tantra or Bondage and seeking enlightenment in a safe setting? Did you google Tantra and go down a rabbit hole, not sure what's real and what to expect in a session? Goddess Maggie has been helping singles and couples since 2008 in this field. Been in the health and wellness industry for almost forty years. Personally and professionally, she has been studying human behavior, psychology, family dynamics, physical body transformations, spirituality and sexuality pulling from eastern and western medicine.

Goddess Maggie is the only Tantra practitioner in Delaware on Sacred Eros ! 

She is the only Certified Bondassage and Elysium Practitioner in the state of Delaware!!

This is a business, so do respect how it is operated.

Come sincerely and genuinely.

Goddess Maggie is your teacher and guide.


There are a variety of offerings to choose from. 


Maggie is selective with whom she sees. When you have her highest regard in place (respecting her as a business woman, her time and space) all should go well.

As a Tantrica, her knowledge on many aspects of intimacy surrounding relationships, sacred sexuality, spirituality, and sensuality can be utilized in her longer sessions and immersions as she can advise you what is going on at a deeper level. Maggie is intuitive to what your body needs. Her clients claim they feel the effects of being with her in a positive light. Such as:






More relaxed

More at ease in their life


What sets Maggie apart is that she cares for other peoples souls. Your soul is important to her.  


In this day and age, we all need a little more of the mind/body/soul connection!! 😁


Check out these videos about Tantra!!

Explaining Tantra 

Tantra is healing touch in the esoteric arts. Schedule a session to see what it can do for YOU!!

Can Tantra Massage Heal?​

People choose Tantra for many reasons. Sometimes it is to help them heal from trauma(s) in their life.

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