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Best practices Donations/Fees

I take great pride in providing services with the highest quality & integrity. I’ve raised my prices only three times in the sixteen years I have been doing this work. From 2009 - 2018 prices were raised once. I started out at $150 hr in 2008. A client of mine suggested, (after I told him my concern for the lower type characters that were getting a hold of me), I should raise my donation to $200 for an hour. I took his advice and did receive better quality clients. Of course there were some emailing me, complaining that the higher rate was that of well you know, not anything I do! I even had an individual basically dictate to me that I have ZERO overhead. lol. Anything I purchase and the place where I was staying is indeed overhead!! He obviously knew nothing about business. Just because someone thinks something, doesn't mean it's true.

I will continue to raise my fees as needed for as long as I am alive and am willing to stay in this line of work. I do so with the encouragement of clients who share that their transformations, as a result of our coaching sessions, (or any type of offering I have listed on this website) have priceless value.


Best practices. I consider it a matter of both ethics and efficacy to only work with clients that I believe in and can come to care deeply for. I put my heart and soul into each session and I expect to be met with the same energy. The type of individuals I work with are gentlemen between the ages of 30 - 80. However I have found the age range between 40-70 are more in alignment of what works best for each other. With the ladies, I find that the age between 30 and 60 seem to be the better fit. With couples, I have found the best age range is between late thirties to mid sixties.

This is a BIG investment of financial resources, time, and energy. I encourage you to do your research and decide what kind of experience matters most to you. When you reach out to me for a session of any kind, it's good that you explain yourself as to what you seek, and the why. Meaning the emotional reasons why you seek what you desire. Verbiage se*xual in nature is frowned upon. One-to-one sessions are where you can discuss personal matters in more detail. That keeps discussion confidently in a closed safe place. I do my very best to provide a safe space for everyone. Sometimes people forget that when you reach out, you need to think about how YOU are coming across. If you'd like me to have my space a safe one for you, you must speak to me in a respectful manner and tone. Acting childish as if you are entitled to what you want versus respecting me and my time, won't get you far. It may even get you blocked and reported on a National Blacklist forum.

I admire each and every person who gathers the courage to schedule an appointment with me to seek support for themselves, their relationships, their families. Many thanks to those whose donation helps me to do the same. 

Till we meet!!!

Love and Light,

Goddess Maggie

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