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Tantra: Deepening Intimacy

Updated: May 15

man and woman in a caring embrace
man and woman in a caring embrace

Deepening Intimacy

In this article, it is spoken (and true by the way) that intimacy goes far beyond and before any physical intimacy. It would be a good thing for both men and women to stop using the word intimacy as if it means sex. The word intimacy shouldn't and doesn't correlate as the same thing as sex. In order to create deep intimacy with one person to another person, it first needs to happen between our minds and emotions before it reach to physicality. If you're intent is to grow your relationship, better your relationship, or are looking for a long term mate in life, the healthy way, you go slow. You take your time to get to know each other over a consistent time. Otherwise when we don't do that, it's just sex. So if you want deeper intimacy, then you need to tap into the other person's, mind and their emotions. It is important to note, this goes for both men and women in order to create lasting intimacy. There needs to be genuine care and respect between the two parties.

Tantra bodywork offers a remarkable opportunity for self-exploration and personal transformation.


Goddess Maggie

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