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Raising Testosterone

Updated: May 15

man holding pills
man holding pills

I'll keep this short, sweet, and simple. I have been researching ways for men to raise their testosterone naturally to help them avoid seeing a Dr. who often takes the short cover up approach by prescribing drugs. I've said for decades that we are our own healer, That we can take action for our own selves with what we are putting inside OUR BODIES!! We are what we eat. We are also what we think. Little do we realize this hard truth. We don't realize it until we actually take charge and CHANGE.

So one of the Dr.s I listen to on YouTube (yes there are real doctors who aren't scared of Big Pharma and The World Health (yeah right) Organization. One such Doctor is Dr. Anthony Chaffee. He gets very specific with the science behind what he says. Real Science. Not what Big Pharma or the World Health Organization chooses to tell you. Not all studies are 100% factual. They don't provide you all of the little details. They only tell you what they want you to hear to keep you blind, or in victim mentality or yoked because they are the seemingly professionals about wanting to help you with your health. LOL. Ill go to a Dr for my yearly necessary female parts. But most certainly not about nutrition. This is Dr. Anthony Chaffee. At around the 40 minute mark he discusses testosterone on a Carnivore diet.

In Love and Light,

Goddess Maggie

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