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A Good Day

Welcome to my updated website! So much more I can do to give you a heightened experience. I wanted to briefly talk about Tantra. I know there are links to articles, videos, and books on this site that I do trust you will read and watch. I do my best to provide a variety of information about the Tantra world. It IS a big one!! One reason why so many books are out there. It truly is a broad subject, and is a deep type of living!! It isn’t just some modality you try. Tantra is way of Life. Weather we'd like to accept it or not. There are many fakes out there that want to stamp their work Tantra when they know absolutely nothing about it. There is so much to learn that it can take years for one to truly grasp the essence of this type of work.

We can not know something without having a feeling to go along with it. When we feel, we begin to know. It's like any relationship. We can't know someone without spending time with them, and lots of time over a consistent basis, in many different types of experiences, situations, scenarios. It takes a good two years to figure out if the person we are seeing falls in alignment with our wishes, desires, values, morals. To find out about their character and if they have integrity. Never base a relationship on what you hear another person saying. Both words and actions must match. Tantra is the same because at the end of the day, Tantra is about getting to know more about yourself, the parts of you that you decided to keep hidden. Sometimes so deep you forgot what is there.

The go go go go mentality is are own fault. The more you go go go, the more you fall behind in feeling the real you inside you. Focus sometimes lends itself to everything outside of ourselves that we don't bother to pay attention to the you in you. When we make the time (and yes make the time) to let go and fall into the arms of a practitioner such as myself, perhaps you'll rest your body and mind just enough to start feeling again! When you work on the relationship with yourself, it in turn creates a space for you to have better relationships with others. When two people who consistently do this for themselves and they meet another who also does the same, well, isn’t that wonderful?! Now, if the two of you are also doing the same with all parts of oneself, meaning your spiritual part, sensual part, mental part, emotional part, and physical part, well damn, now you really do have something deep going on. Are YOU there yet? Maybe. Maybe not. More often than not, we aren't. Because the thing is, most of us are too damn scared to look at ourself in the mirror to take full responsibility for our decisions in life.

Let me tell ya something. For as long as I have been on this earth (and it's been over 50 years eeek 😦 ) I have always been incredibly spiritual and sensual. IT IS ME! I can not help it. And I love that about me. I truly do think it is a gift and I've never lost it, regardless of all the shit I've been through in this life. That's pretty cool! 😎 You would be surprised, even shocked, if you knew that I used to be incredibly shy as a child. So shy I would be frightened to raise my hand in school to go to the bathroom. Now that's bad. But inside that little girl, I KNEW the spirit and sensual part of me was there.

Decades later in 2008 I started down this road of Tantra. There always seem to be this thing inside me that adores touching people's lives. To help transform people's lives in whatever way I felt led to do. I think some of the best things in life are subtle. Feeling life is subtle. It is so subtle we aren’t even aware that we're feeling it. It's so deep we know but we don’t know. I call that the sub-sub-conscious. Yes, I said sub subconscious. Think of it as nanotechnology. Your whole body and literally everything inside it is energy!! This can not be denied. You would not be living if it weren't so. Your heart would not beat. Every single organ, cell, atom, particle in your body is alive!! IT IS ALL ENERGY. Can you imagine, for even a minute, if you could (and you can btw) feel your liver working. Talk about being in touch with your body!!!

That being said, when I do what I do when touching you, it is not just my hands touching you. IT IS ME TOUCHING YOU. As I mentioned earlier, I can not help who I am: spiritual and sensual. It exudes from every pore. Some people don't get it. They don't or can't comprehend that when I'm doing my work, it's not just me, some person who is providing you bodywork. I care more about people's souls than anything else in this entire world. If that is too much for you, well I can't help that. IT is what it is. I am serious and playful. Think first of me as a business woman. NOT a hot female that you can't wait for my hands to touch you. Grant it, that's a nice thought to have but it’s not the first thing you should be thinking of. It can be the second. ha ha

I have had clients years later recognize the depth of what I offer. They have an a ha moment when they realize; 'whoa, that's what she was doing to me', 'that's what was going on'. A light bulb turns on. The sad thing is, at times there are those who choose to only see what I offer as a full body sensual massage. That is a choice they make. A choice they choose to want to only see me as. That is by far not what this or I am about.

Goddess Maggie

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