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Welcome to my blog where you will find me providing information from how to best understand and respect me, my space, time, and business.

Here you will also be provided additional information about energy work, will be given examples to learn energy in it's unseen world from a physical perspective that we trust you will gain an understanding or a better understanding.

So let's start by saying everything IS energy.

Everything you see, hear, taste, and do is energy. Water is energy. Fire is energy. Air is energy. Earth is energy. If air did not have energy all humans simply would cease to exist! When we breathe in air it allows our heart to beat, our veins filled with blood to move into all other parts of our body. Some of the air we breathe in (as you know), is more clean in some areas than others. The dirtier the air, the dirtier our insides can become simply due to the toxic levels in the air we breathe. Some people move from one location to another simply because the air quality is cleaner. Some things, like air, is uncontrollable to a certain extent unless your field of work revolves around creating ways to make better quality of air for us humans to breathe.

We can't control the air we breathe BUT we can and absolutely have control over what we put into our mouths. If you are a smoker, you in all reality are making willing and conscious choices to POISON YOURSELF. This poison affects your own energy levels, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and cognitively. When we actually take some time to think about what we are doing we have the power to make different choices for change! And this my dear friends affects our energy levels.

It's like a circle. What we put in must come out. The cigarettes people put their hands and fingers to, they then bring to their mouth and ingest/pull in the tobacco which then travels down through the esophagus and into the lungs. Every millimeter it travels through does become infected let's say, because it's a strong word to grab your attention, is harming you. When you release the smoke out of your nose or mouth you infect the air not only you breathe but other people breathe. Which then of course can harm others. Some of those others you do not know. Some of those others are your friends and family. Some of those others ARE YOUR CHILDREN. So please if you are a smoker, do not lie to yourself or others when you make claims that you do not cause harm to other people. When someone makes claim that they do not harm other people and they are a smoker, quite frankly and bluntly, you are lying to yourself.

Humans lie to themselves all the time because we, in all honesty, are not willing to accept the fact that we are part of the problem because of lack of responsibility. There's nothing wrong about being shameful when deep down on the inside we know said behavior is accurate. Since we do deep down know the truth of such behavior, we are the only ones that have the powerful choice to choose differently something that is healthy.

Our very thoughts is an energy we put out, like it or not. Our thoughts don't just stay put in our own heads. Thoughts travel from the mind out into the cosmic forces that carry these thoughts towards other things and even people. Everyone's thoughts is like an etheric world directly above the physical. Imagine for a moment (yeah just do it for the sake of following through on an exercise) that you are seeing trillions of words above peoples' heads. In your mind line up 20 people in a straight row and see these zillions of words above these 20 people like a cloud. Imagine some of those words are loving, caring, kind words. What do you think that would look and feel like to your heart? Now imagine some of the words atop the heads of these 20 people are hard, cold, unkind, and uncaring words. What do you think that would look and feel like to your heart? Now, in the day and age we are currently living in, what do you think is the majority? The loving and kind words or the cold and unkind words? DO NOT ANSWER SO QUICKLY! Think reality! Not what you think you want to see or would like to see, but the actual reality knowing what you know IS going on in the world. No matter what answer you come to the conclusion of, what is it that YOU can do right in the here and now, to help YOUR OWN SELF become a better man, woman, parent, friend, HUMAN BEING. And then GO DO IT!!

Rest assured, the subject of energy is a long one.

Till next time adieu!

Goddess Maggie

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