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So.....What IS Tantra?

First and foremost Tantra work is about reaching deeper levels of your own consciousness. There are multiple ways to reach that point and each practitioner may and can work differently. Individuals and couples seek Tantra for a multitude of reasons. It is very unique. In my experience with couples it's because they want to enhance and learn more on how to increase their intimacy. Intimacy is NOT sex. There is intimacy and there is sexual intimacy. Two very different aspects of one's lives. One can touch another's face and it be a very intimate moment. Intimacy is also more than touch. Although some form of touch is extremely intimate, so is honest real communication. ALL relationships will die when one lacks communicating. And what I mean by dying, it happens right before someone stops communicating from their heart space which is a space of willingness to be vulnerable. The dying of a relationship happens on a subtle level and it ALL boils down to lack of proper communication skills. It's called fear. If you don't have what you desire from your spouse, then one must ask themselves: "What is it AM I fearing?" People choose to lie to themselves. And yes, if one is honest with self, they are aware. They are just choosing to not accept that about themselves. And in so, they don't move forward. They may think they are moving forward but to often what they end up finding out later in life (meaning older than you are right now, today 😁) they realize they weren't.

Communicating and talking are two very different things. Anyone can talk, but not many actually communicate. Communication requires vulnerability. If you want to communicate effectively then remove yourself from your ego. This goes for both male and female on a global level.

Too many people use words loosely. Words such as love, honor, respect, and friend are commonly mis-used. There is a difference between being friendly and having a friend. Like all relationships, they require time, going through good and bad times and not walking away in a bad time. Even 'bad time' is perceived differently because all of us generally perceive what we want to think something is, rather than confirming with what the other person thought. It's not healthy to label someone as a friend on the first day you meet them. Or even on the second, third, or tenth time you meet with them. You, I, and others can be friendly, kind, and caring to each other but it doesn't make that someone a friend. A friendship is developed (not assumed) over time.

I can get along, be kind, caring, and friendly to just about anyone. But please do not mistake me as a friend to you. At the end of the day I'm a professional therapist to you. Have I ended up making friends over the years in this work with some of my clients? Yes, I actually have. The thing is, when that has happened it has been over the course of years, not over the course of a few sessions.

I am friendly with all I meet because the root of Tantra is connecting with others on a soul level. Not the physical level.

Tantra is reaching other levels of consciousness through touch.

Goddess Maggie 😉

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