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Universal Energy

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Maggie's services on this site are here to serve in several ways. From the relaxing intimate touch embracing all of who you are, to relationship coaching and spiritual guidance. If you have being doing any research on Tantra, you will have found that it encompasses a wide and broad area of life. Most people Maggie has found think to believe that Tantra always has something to do with sexuality. This is a false narrative that many humans do which creates boxes coming from a limited mind.

When Maggie speaks with her new potential clients when they ask her what Tantra is she speaks to them coming from this broad perspective. Tantra, at it's core, is all about the Universal Life Force within all of us. To even attempt to begin to understand it, we need to start from looking at it from the bird's eye view before scaling down into the individual's human body. We need to look macro-cosmically so that we can look micro-cosmically. This Universal Energy is both macro and micro. To help one understand the micro, we need to look at the macro. To understand the macro, we need to look at the micro. They are united together in their wondrous separateness. Not necessarily 'separate' per se but individually unique in, around, and without in the unified field within the Universe we live in. Like it or not, we truly are all one. The thing is, we all uniquely have our own individuality using our FREE WILL to make choices in life; good, bad, or indifferent. And at some point, all of us will, do, and must, face all of those parts of us.

If you do not agree (because that is a free will choice to agree or disagree) doesn't matter. It would be like saying the sun is not the sun when we know it is there because we can see it with our eyes and feel the heat of the sun on our skin. The sun kisses us with it's warmth.

This all being said, it's important to trust the process. It's important to come without having expectations. If and when you have questions or concerns, it is imperative that you voice them. For if it is not voiced then you keep the issue/concern/problem inside. Any time we keep things inside, it does indeed eat at us on the inside. Your own emotional bugs doing their creepy crawly business in your organs, in your flesh, in the tissues of the human carcas of a body.

We are much more than the human body we reside in. Some people call it spirit. Some people call it soul. Some people call it chi, or ki, or prana, or any number of other names. It all boils down to energy.

Tantra is about energy. The human body we can also look at from a macro and micro level. The human body as a whole - it's form and foundation. The atoms and cells thought of as the micro. Even an atom itself can be viewed as a macro-organism as we can go deeper and further down into the sub-atomic particles.

So for now, just think of this when you think of Tantra. Perhaps now instead of viewing Tantra as just some sensual massage (which right there is completely misconstrued due to a human's limited mind taken into bondage from the human's destructive and constrictive mindset), you'll make time to think about thinking on it!!

Namaste :)

Goddess Maggie 🫶🏻

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