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Types of Male Clientele

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

There are five types of men which I have encountered since 2008 working in this field.

  1. Married Men

  2. Single Men

  3. Widowed Men

  4. Men who want to genuinely learn and grow

  5. Those who view me as an extension of an asian parlor.

So let me explain further about these four different types and which I best prefer working with.

Married men! Okay Now there is always going to be more to the story than what meets the eye. Under this section therein lies sub-categories.

a. Some of them are just downright cheaters who don't really care about doing whatever they want to do in order to please their selfish desires.

b. Some honestly do love their wives but their wife has chosen to not give her husband physical love and attention.

c. Some wives are not able to give physical attention due to sincere health conditions.

d. Some couples have an open relationship. Whether they are polyamorous or swingers.

Single MEN

There are some single men who do not have girlfriends simply out of choice who still know they want and need touch, and so they seek Tantra Therapy.

Widowed Men

A widowed man who was happily married for a very long time who seeks companionship, touch, care, loving understanding and compassion.

Men who want to genuinely learn and grow

Men who sincerely and genuinely want to learn and grow not just as a man, but as a human being. They are eager to learn what they themselves can do to learn about the energies within their own body so they can learn about themselves. They aren't self serving in a negative way. They want to learn about their mind/body/spiritual connection first and foremost for the relationship they have with themselves so that they then can work on creating better relationships with others around them. Sometimes that is with their GF or with a wife. Sometimes that is with the relationships they have with anyone they converse with. Since learning about energy and Tantra, it is something that works in ALL PARTS OF ONE'S LIFE.

Those who view me as an extension of an Asian Parlor.

Those who view me as an extension of an Asian Parlor are not my cup of tea. So that type of man is simply not worth my time because of his selfish playing the game of getting what he wants when he wants it and how. It is this type of individual that needs to look somewhere else as I will not tolerate to be looked at, treated, or thought of as such. It is a disrespect to me and the profession as a whole.

Maggie seeks the most from those who are widowed or single needing comfort. She also seeks and has empathy for married men who's wives refuse to give them touch. A man can only tolerate so much before he seeks elsewhere. Maggie realizes it is not necessarily the man's fault. Too often the wife does not take responsibility for her behaviors. It is a shame that she consciously, willingly, and purposefully does not make love 💕 to her husband or even create a space of any form of intimacy.

Take Care


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