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Guidance and Coaching

When you make an appointment with me and have a specific purpose, please make sure to state this in comment section on contact form, or at the very least, in one of your first emails with me. Otherwise I will not know your intention for wanting to experience a Tantra session.

Depending upon your reasoning will depend on how I will move forward with you. I get excited when I find out there is something specific you want to learn, gain, grow as a man, woman, partner, husband, wife ..... Human Being. Tantra Practitioners are counselors/guides/coaches/teachers. When I give suggestions on what to do or not do, it is so that you can choose to become better at whatever it is you want to become better at. Just like any professional who helps others gain more awareness of self, it can be frustrating at times when I find out you don't follow through with my suggestions. It's just like you going to a Personal Trainer that you pay and then don't listen to them when they teach you proper form or breathing.

We are never to old to change our life for the better. The relationships we choose to have with others will either be built or torn down through communication. Sometimes we ask ourselves: "Is there anyone out there anymore that actually communicates honestly anymore without tearing down another human Being?" I know we are all guilty of that at times. As long as we recognize this in ourselves, that's the most important thing. And then do better to refrain/control our lips. No one is perfect so we shouldn't expect ourselves to be perfect either. We know our true intentions better than anyone else and we have the right to disassociate ourselves from people who no longer serve us in our growth as a human being. Some people are just to toxic, have to much chaos going on in their lives. We believe and hope that there is someone out there to help guide us in life.

Thanks for reading!

Till then........

Goddess Maggie

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