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Indulgent Luxury 


The art of seductive touch for mature gentleman, sophisticated ladies and discerning couples. 

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Tantra is Life 

"Believing in something bigger than yourself can inspire other positive beliefs. If your world is already wide enough to include something higher than yourself, then why not think even bigger? Magical thinking is actually an advantage to humans in general. Believing in something bigger than yourself can expand your worldview, which leads to flexibility of thought and open mindedness. This is beneficial because being mentally and emotionally flexible helps people overcome obstacles in life and have better relationships overall. Essentially, believing in a world outside of our own expands the horizons of what our world can be." 

Pam Schaefer licensed therapist 


Offerings on this site are for gentlemen and ladies 30 years of age and over who are interested in growing their life beyond the physical. The Tantra field is broad in what practitioners do for their clientele. On Sacred Eros there share an article on how to choose the right practitioner for you. 


It is through the act of touch that we as humans feel cared for and nurtured. Truly, touch is breath and life. Why do you think breathing is so important? When we take slow, full deep breaths, it helps calm the nervous system. 


Tantra is one of the oldest forms of healing modalities in the world.  


See it as a science consciousness - the science of who we are. 







Be aware there are three pages on this site where you will see offerings: this page, 'more sacred offerings' page, and 'Immersions, Bondassage, Elysium' page. 


The offerings on this site are about the experience. It is a journey into the esoteric, erotic arts!! 

To familiarize yourself about Tantra, some suggested material is: Lama Yeshe's book 'Introduction To Tantra: The Transformation'. Here is  YouTube link  A short quick read is by Micheal Murdad 'An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality'. 

"Passionate Enlightenment" by Miranda Shaw is also a good read. It is recommended to do some research before attending a session.


Videos on this site are for informational purposes. Each Tantra and Bondassage® practitioner has their own way of performing the work. 



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Touch IS Life

Allow me to touch your soul!

four lit candles and rose petals

Touch IS Love 

 Breathe IT in 

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Respect is Earned

Earn It Well 

Sacred Offerings

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Singles Tantra 

Deposit required.

Longer sessions may include other modalities to enhance stimulation of the senses that takes you deeper into your body, which then can create full body orgasms. 

90 min      400

2 hrs           500

2.5 hrs        600 

3 hrs           700


married couple walking holding hands


Couples Tantra 

De​posit starts at $300

Includes guided meditation that sets tone for increased connection and intimacy.


2 hrs          825

2.5 hrs       925

3 hrs          1025

elegant bathroom with shower tub and sink


Shower Worship or Bath Ceremony


Add on to any Tantra service. Save $30 when you book a 3 hr Tantra session.


If you'd like to add Bath Ceremony, I will need to know ahead of time to prepare bath. 

 Mutual Massage 



Add mutual massage to a service to enhance an extra level of connection that enlivens your senses.


 When Goddess Maggie informs you that she is open to add this service, it is always important to honor her boundaries when she informs you what is allowed and not allowed.  Disrespect of her boundaries will result in you being reported and blacklisted. Going against her wishes is intolerable. 


Each session may vary to what Maggie's boundaries are. 


By invitation only.

Not for new clients. 


 Bondassage or Elysium Excursion

6 hrs $2400

$100 off your first excursion

Requires $700 

non-refundable deposit


This service includes 2.5 hrs of Bondassage or Elysium, Shower Worship, mutual massage and one meal. 


Must have seen Maggie at least once before receiving this service. 

Need 24 hrs notice.

Not for new clients. 

To understand Bondassage more click here


Tantra Excursion

6 hrs $1,500 

 $100 off your first excursion


Requires $500 

non- refundable deposit.

Includes 2 hrs of Tantra massage, Shower Worship, mutual massage and one meal.

Must have seen Maggie at least once before receiving this service.


Need 24 hrs notice.


Not for new clients. 


Get in touch


Lower Delaware 19954

30 min from Dover or Lewes

1 hr 45 min from Baltimore/DC 

2 hrs from Philly


Interested in scheduling?

Please read Faqs page before filling out reservation form to schedule or email 


Thank YOU


Mon-Fri: 9:00 - 8:30
Sat: 9:00 - 3:00
Sun: Closed

After hours on Saturday incur a $50 fee. 

Scheduling on a Sunday incur a $50 fee. 

No evenings on Sunday.

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