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Respect in and out of sessions

After you have had your first session with Maggie and have interest in seeing her again, the best and fastest way to reach her is through either a phone call or text. This phone call or text is for scheduling purposes only. It is to work together on finding a day, time, length of session desired and type of bodywork.

Maggie reads all emails. Emails that are rude, crude, sexual verbiage in any form describing what you'd like to see happen or details about what you did with someone else is uncalled for. That type of behavior is not welcomed.

One of the reasons we say this is because we had three emails come through from a new client that saw Maggie one time. He was vulgar in his description of what he supposedly did with someone who was 30 years his junior. As well, he described what he would have preferred from Maggie. In addition, he made accusations that were unequivocally false. This person has been blocked, banned, and reported. We do not tolerate disrespect in any form whatsoever. We believe in Karma. Individuals who treat us like this will experience the consequences of their behavior. Not one human is exempt from Karmic forces.

This site Maggie has put together is for gentlemen. It is not for those who are looking for a girlfriend experience or anything that you would expect from an escort. A real gentlemen would never even think about behaving in such a way. Real gentlemen have the means to be with her and respect her at all times: before, during, and after sessions. They do not complain about her fees, ask her to lower her fees, ask for discounts or for free services. They respect her when they text or call her for an appointment. They don't ask for 'favors'. They don't expect more from her than what she offers on this site. They respect her time. They respect her boundaries and would never with intention cross over them. They respect her when she says no the very first time.

Goddess Maggie

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