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Why Choose Maggie?

So you may ask yourself, why should I choose Maggie? Let me first explain that when you're in the decision process of who to go to for any form of bodywork, but even more specifically when choosing Tantric bodywork, it really is imperative you as a potential client follow the protocol each provider requires. I am no different. Coercion on your part to give what you deem necessary for screening purposes is disrespectful and our first sign that you're not able to honor the guidelines and protocols that are set in place for safety.

When you reach out to schedule our first email to you is our screening process. This is also written on our FAQs page. It is important to read very carefully what is expected of you in order to be considered to be seen by Maggie.

When you are in Maggie's space, she is the one in control because it is her business. You wouldn't think to run the auto mechanic shop you take your vehicles too. Don't do it at Maggie's place.

Maggie can not help you if you are not willing to learn from her.

We will end with this. We respect and admire Rachel Richards, the milking table expert. We've read many of her blogs. She's frank as Maggie also can be. Perhaps if you've read this far, you should read some of her blogs.

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