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Female Clientele

In this weeks blog I wanted to focus on women.

Women who come to see me I've experienced a couple different scenarios. First one being that they are more sincere in wanting help with their own lack of sexual desire, in wanting to understand and heal from traumas in their life. It is my belief that 100% of females have encountered sexual harassment in their life by the time they have reached their late 20's. Our situation is a catch 22. We want to look beautiful, not just for ourselves, but in the eyes of the opposite sex so we get out hair done, wear makeup, get manicures and pedicures, be physically active in some way for the health of our body. We do want both our insides and outsides taken care of. We do these things not just for ourselves, but for our partner, boyfriend or husband. But you see, when men come on to us based on our looks (because that is the very thing we all see), way to often it comes across as the man simply wanting us for our bodies and not our intellect. THAT gets old, real fast. No woman really wants that. When men continue to act in this way, they end up pushing the real women away. And so us women become even more frustrated because many of us do want a relationship where the male is going to treat us with honor and respect. It is not difficult to respect females. Be kind. Be courteous. Be nice. If you're going to compliment, compliment sincerely and genuinely without the smirks or eye widening. Females actually do pay attention to a man's tone of voice, what they say, how they say it, along with any type of body language.

As I've said before, it's all about energy.

Second scenario of why women come to see me is that it's not about trauma, but about experiencing another woman's sensual touch where she reaches orgasmic bliss.

Men, there are women who are more open than you think about receiving sensual bliss by going to a practitioner such as myself. You need to actually ask her! Both sides staying quiet, not mentioning something one wants to do or is considering doing, is FEARFUL behavior. A lot of men tell me you don't have fear. Such a lie when you lack asking your wife or partner questions. It's called communication. If you are questioning/fearful of asking the woman you are with or are married to, questions, then simply put you are not ready for any type of real relationship, and/or you are with the wrong person. No one ever should be fearful about asking questions to the one one is in a relationship with. It is how you get to know someone and if that someone is an individual you want to spend more time with.

Both men and women jump into 'relationships' haphazardly way to soon out of emotion. That simply is not a healthy way to go about it. Relationships require time. Jumping in and having sex is not a relationship. What that is is a continual hook up. It is always best to be honest with the other person with what YOU are looking for and what you are not looking for. If both people are on the same page, then go for it.

Till next time!! '; )

Goddess Maggie

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