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Before The Beginning

Oh my gosh golly! The way I started in this field feels like forever ago. In Oct 2007, I was laid off of a very rewarding job where I was kinda like my own boss, but not. I started out subcontracting with a TV company who's focus was on marketing and selling exercise equipment through the avenue of infomercials. I was in charge of not only finding clients/customers, but also interviewing them for the possibility of being in this infomercial. I trained them, guided them in proper nutrition, was responsible for weigh-ins, measurements, scheduling photo shoots, etc. The whole kit and kaboodle. AND I LOVED IT. My first dream job. It lit a fire under me.

When a potential client (or if you're already a client), know that when you come to see me, I have some knowledge about the human body to help you, should you ask a question regarding physical fitness and ways to eat healthier, taking better care of your body. Health is multi-faceted. The one most controlled way all of us can take better care of ourselves is through better eating. When I was school for Personal Training and Nutrition, I was shocked to find out just how unknowledgable people were as to what they thought was healthy eating. I've come across numerous folks who were diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes that thought a cobb salad was 'healthy' eating. Eh gad!! Hell no, a cobb salad is the lowest form of a 'salad' that has virtually nothing about it that would be considered healthy. First of all iceberg lettuce has zero nutritional value. At least it has zero calories and it's practically all water. At least it's something to chew versus bread and butter. Cobb salad also has lunch meat on it. Lunch meat is loaded with preservatives that has a lot of sodium. What's crazy, is that canned organic foods have more sodium than non-organic canned foods. Do pay attention to words I use in sentences. I did use the word 'canned'. Don't skim over the word canned and choose to see, read organic. Organic foods are still good for you. Just know that canned organic usually has more sodium than non-organic. Next time you go to the food store pick up a can of each of green beans, read the ingredient list and breakdown of calories, fat, protein, sodium, and carbs. You will see for yourself this truth I speak of. Go ahead and take a look at a variety of canned goods; both organic an non-organic.

If you'd like to lower your sodium intake when eating canned goods, make sure to remove the water from it and rinse at least three times. This will also help remove some of the sodium. And by all means, DON'T add salt to those foods when it's already loaded. Instead use spices. There are no calories in spices. Only flavoring.

Well, there you have it! Some basic info on sodium from what I learned before heading into the Tantra world.

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